Do you ever wondered what makes a beautiful woman?
Perhaps some would say luscious hair, perfect features 
or even radiant skin.
But let's face it, nothing is complete without a gorgeous body shape. While there is a price to pay in the name of beauty we know of a way to achieve that sensual appeal without burning a big hole in your pocket

Behold... the beauty secret lies in Premium Beautiful body shaping lingerie!!!

The Premium Beautiful body shaping lingerie is the ultimate body-shaper made exclusively for today's modern, stylish and result-driven women to achieve their desired body shape and confidence.

Without the need for cruel dieting, strenuous exercise, expensive surgery or pills, Premium Beautiful helps you achieve the ideal body shape by providing you with a body-shaper which embraces technology, ergonomics and aesthetics promising you a healthy and balanced body contour.

Unlike other brands, Premium Beautiful focused on three main concepts when it comes to body shaping. 
Your body is
Your Treasure, Your Confidence and Your Health
 The Premium Beautiful body shaper is designed for complete comfort that guarantees safety and durability. Besides, Premium Beautiful promotes healthy blood circulation and increases your metabolism by incorporating the Far Infrared (F.I.R) technology into the fabric. 

With more than 100 experienced seamstress performing on more than 168 stitching processes, Premium Beautiful guarantees an immediate sculpting, allowing you to look absolutely stunning. 

With Premium Beautiful, you will have the peace of mind either to be stylishly shaped with the Classic or Elegance series.

The Classic is an established popular version of Premium Beautiful with timeless quality:
It repositions fat and gives immediate shaping and structural support.

The Elegance on the other hand is a synonym with beauty and style that adopts simplicity and refined grace.
It locks fat in place after repositioning, and maintain contoured body with greater flexibility and comfort.

So how exactly is Premium Beautiful unique?

These unique features are available in all designs : 

For Brassiere, a unique 3-piece dimensional cup design that pushes up, supports and firm the breasts.
The frontal and central bi-layer compression and tightness of the design helps flatten stomach and elevate breasts.
Using soft double helix steel wires, your breasts and upper abdomen are sculpted, reshaped and properly supported.

You will simply love the delicate U-shaped design which sculpts and shapes a sleek back line, coupled with three pairs of hook-and-eye and non-slip bra straps for an effective adjusting capability.

 For Waist Nipper, seven (7) alloy steel bars exert intense compression to the waist, spine and abdomen. 
Adjustable rope refines the waist.

For Long Girdle, the fixed panel flattens the stomach while the thighs and buttocks are reshaped to an excellent contour line by pushing excess fat to the buttock-cup.
The cotton waistband shapes and reduces the waistline, while the stretchable lace prevents roll-up and unnatural thigh line.
Ultimately, the unique love-shaped buttock-cup design lifts and firms sagging buttocks effectively.

All Premium Beautiful designs are made of 360 degrees high quality stretchable fabrics for comfort & effectiveness.
All fabrics meet National Safety Technical Standard for Textile Products and I.S.O. 3759, 6330 AND 105 (C06, E04, X12) to prevent allergies.
These standards conform with the fabrics as a good temperature regulator with the closest skin pH.

What are you waiting for?

Let Premium Beautiful bring out that beautiful and confident woman in you today!

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